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Back to the Basics: Petite Bra Fitting Tips

Bra fitting
Bra fitting

No matter what your size, you'll never achieve a comfortable bra fit unless you are properly measured so you can choose bras that provide that perfect fit. If you are a petite woman, you can benefit from getting properly fitted for a bra. The following tips are designed for women with petite sizes. You'll find that when you wear a bra that is tailor made for your size and shape, your comfort will be enhanced and you'll look even better in your clothes.

Tips for a Proper Bra Fitting

When you get fitted for a new bra, it's ideal to wear a bra that doesn't have any padding so you can take an accurate measurement. If you're fitting yourself, you should use a tape and keep your finger on a place-holding number--8 for instance. Experts suggest that you then,

"Bring the tape behind your back with your right hand. Place your left hand behind your back. With your right hand, pass the tape to your left hand, following the bottom edge of the back of your bra band. With your left hand, pull the measuring tape to the front of your body, towards the top of your breastbone. With your right hand, pull the tape to the front of your body as well, meeting your left hand at a point at the top of your breastbone." (1)

Once you know your size, you can make your purchase, a 36a bra or a 34b bra, whatever the case may be. Remember, "Note that the traditional bra sizing method is: "5 + underbust = band size (bust measurement) - (5+underbust) = cup size 1 (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc)." (2)

Ensure a perfect Fit

When getting fit, keep in mind that all women have one breast that is slightly smaller than the other, so you may need to adjust the bra's strap. Also, your breasts are not meant to bulge from the bra or you will need to get a bigger cup size. Don't worry if your size has changed from your last fitting. It's common for your bra size to change during your life. Finally, remember that bra fitting is not always exact. Moreover, not all bras are made equal. You may find that one brand in your size fits better than another.

Benefits of a Bra that Fits

When you get properly fitted for your bra, you'll find that you'll have the appearance of better posture and you'll even look more fit. Clothes will look better and you'll feel comfortable--less inclined to shift falling bra straps or feel pinched. When your bra fits improperly, you can appear heavier and lack the support you need.

When you have the proper fitting bra, you'll feel it. Knowing your size, however, is ideal for shopping online, of course, but also when visit brick and mortar stores. You'll be able to make a selection more quickly. Use these tips to fit yourself. When you're a petite size, you need comfort and support just as much as anyone else with a larger size. Once you have the right fit, nothing less will do!


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