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Back to school, Young Harris!

Second Semester
Second Semester
Roderick Galloway

It is coming closer to the time again. School will be starting in a few days for many students. Second semester and all of it's stresses. Students are challenged to not only meet the progress made last semester but to excel past it. They have to balance their social life and studies once again. So bring on the thrift shopping, the late nights in the campus dinning hall, midnight trips to waffle and/or huddle house, and early morning cramming for tests. How about the long boarding across campus, or the slack rope walking, and we can't forget the Ultimate Frisbee games in every type of weather. Speaking of games, now sports seasons are beginning to change, so there will be less time spent on the court and maybe some more time out at the fields. Of course, there is the great stuff still indoors like the elite fitness center and indoor track, and let's not forget the rock climbing wall! All the clubs and Greek events to keep you busy, when you aren't studying or in class. Let's get back in the admissions building and back in touch with the student advisers there or guide our future. Enjoy all the religious life on campus during almost everyday of the week. Or we could do none of this and we could just lay out at the many beautiful places on campus.

If you can't decide what to do or get your head wrapped around all this. Here's an idea for January 18. It's called Las Vegas Lights, it'll be at 9:00 pm in the student center. where there is a grand prize, which is a PlayStation 4. There will be a number or probability and fun games and it is all free! The more people the more fun!