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Back to school with the Sears Seventeen Fashion Collection: Review

The Sears Seventeen Fashion Collection is a new collection of tops, bottoms, shoes and jewelry to dress your young ladies for their next scholastic year, which is quickly upon us. Granted, our kids wear a uniform to school, they do. However, those kids do not live at school and some will have no desire to wear those uniforms 24/7.

Back to school with the Sears Seventeen Fashion Collection
Sears via Ginae

Up for review are two items from the Sears Seventeen Fashion Collection, for back to school gear. The first item is a cropped top tee. The second is a gray pair of sweatpants.

The crop top is a pale white and has the number, "93" on the front and it is actually not as short on our model as we thought that it might be. In fact, we thought the model (Miss Graycie Ginae) was darling in this outfit. The sweatpants are gray with a pull string waist and, "Heart Breaker," down the left leg.

Both pieces are well made. There isn't a single thread which has tried to break free and go awry. These are very well made and not too costly.

The shirt retails for $18.00 and the lounge pants for $30.00. They can be purchased either online or in person. It's good to have options.

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