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Back to school with some sense and self-defense

Mark Robinson is the instructor for the martial arts classes.
Mark Robinson is the instructor for the martial arts classes.
Taken by Andrew Snorton

The start of the school year is really getting a lot closer.

Snellville Chi Kwang Do is having a back-to-school special.  Classes are available for kids and adults, so check them out!
Used with the permission of Snellville Chi Kwang Do

Many of the metro-area systems resume classes as soon as August 4th (or sooner). In the mix of picking up or donating school supplies, general shopping for clothes and other items, parents and students alike also consider the kinds of after-school or extra-curricular activities provided on their school's campus or in the immediate area.

An overlooked but enriching field is that of martial arts. Far removed from the "Hong Kong Phooey" days, the arts provide a measure of discipline and defense that few other areas of interest can provide.

One such entity which devotes itself to instruction of the martial arts in as holistic and integrated means as possible is Snellville Chi Kwang Do. Under the leadership of Mark and Nichole Robinson, the center promotes optimal physical health and wellness combined with emotional well-being.

Promotion of the aforementioned is derived from the teaching and instruction of a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere. Being taught in a fun, easy to learn, yet disciplined manner, along with proper instruction of best practices and techniques, a myriad of physical and wellness goals can be achieved. This includes improved strength and endurance, coordination and balance, along with an increase in energy and vitality and even a release of stress.

"We are currently running a back-to-school promotion", notes Mark Robinson, who provides the instruction for youth and adults. "This provides opportunities for both youth and adults to take advantage of the services we provide".

The current promotion includes a free uniform, as well as other flexible registration and class schedule options. For additional details, prospective patrons are encouraged to contact the center directly at 770-982-4253, as well as visiting their website (click HERE). Likewise, through their social media pages, additional information may be obtained on all of their offerings, including the current promotion (click HERE for their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram access and information).

Classes are typically scheduled Monday-Friday during the late afternoon and early evening time period (5:30pm-8:30pm, consisting of three different classes for different age groups [youth and adults] for a focused 45 minute segment). Classes are also available on Saturdays between 10am and 12:45pm (again, three different classes for different age and learning groups).

With benefits ranging from self-defense to self-discipline, study of the martial arts and its practical applications can provide a sound means of promoting health and wellness. The current study and special provided by Snellville Chi Kwang Do are a practical way to enjoy the experience. Grounded in best, practical, and effective practices, it can be a positive experience for those in the immediate and interlocking community.

Next month, it's time to commence with the start of school and common sense, specially in the form of self-defense.

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