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Back to school with educational games

Educational bingo games
Educational bingo games
K Applebee

Students of all ages add to their knowledge base when they play games. Card and board games also build social interaction while digital games can feature exciting visual and sound effects for solitary play. A 2013 study of a multiplayer competitive English vocabulary learning game demonstrated that the game effectively enhanced the fifth and sixth graders recognition of English vocabulary.

Antiquties Freebie game
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers

Parents and teachers who carefully select which games are available can turn leisure into learning. Both children and parents had positive attitudes towards the game and interviews revealed that parent-child game playing provided a solution for parents to help children with low academic performance.

The children felt a sense of accomplishment when they won and enjoyed having time to interact with their parents, thus enhancing parent-child relationships. A number of free and low cost games are available on TeachersPayTeachers and Fools for Christ as instant downloads.

Antiquities is a free download. Players race to find the most valuable artifacts in this archeology based game reminiscent of Parker Brother’s Masterpiece. Check out these links for additional free science or Bible based games.

Check out these English language games:

  • Prefix bingo (123 clue cards and 38 colorful and unique bingo cards). Includes un-, dis-, re- and other common prefixes as well as scientific and numeral prefixes (circum-, pente- bi-, etc)
  • Parts of speech bingo
  • Punctuation bingo: played like regular bingo with 30 unique cards covering the period, comma, colon, semicolon, brackets, parenthesis, ellipsis, exclamation point, quotation marks, question mark, parenthesis, slash, dash, hyphen and apostrophe.

Check out additional science card games with full color graphics that engage students, foster discussion, provide ESL and struggling readers with images to go with words, and make great anchor activities for early finishers. They provide differentiated instruction options for various types of learners investigating the digestive tract, circulatory system, Germ Warfare (food borne, air borne and other germs vs. the immune system), cell organelles or the weather and the water cycle.

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