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Back to school uniforms for less

boy smiling in polo shirt
boy smiling in polo shirt
bryan thayer,

Many elementary schools in Albuquerque have switched over to requiring uniforms of their students. Here are a few ways you can acquire uniforms for less without breaking the bank. First you'll want to call your school and see if they have a voucher program. Many will give each child that requests it a voucher for $30 or so to use at a local store to purchase uniforms. The school may also have a trade-in program where you can swap in your child's polos and khakis for larger size clothing, or give it away to those who don't have a trade-in. The school will likely also have resources to tell you about such as church giveaways for vouchers or uniforms, so be sure to call your child's school before you do anything else.

Your best bet for new uniform clothing is at Fallas located at Zuni and San Mateo or on Montgomery and 4th street. Be sure to get in there before other families do so you can have the best selection. Fallas is a highly popular place to get uniforms and if you get there closer to the start of school, you'll have slim pickings for uniforms. If you get there early, you can save big on new polos of various colors including blue, white, green, red, black and blue. Be sure to check out the kids clothing area that is not uniforms, as they have more polo selections there in cool colors like orange and purple. The uniform section will also have pants, shorts khakis and simple skirts in tan, blue and black for girls and boys. There are even some with adjustable waists. If you get there late, then your next cheapest place is Walmart but there's little variety in colors, brands, styles and prices, unlike at Fallas.

If you don't mind quality second hand clothing, then head on over to Saver's where they have a large variety of polos and khakis in different sizes and colors, all of decent quality that you can send your kid to school in. They are pretty much stocked with uniform clothing all year round, but the best time to pick up uniforms is right now before the back to school shopping starts. You should also sign up for their email newsletter to hear about Savers Club extra savings days where you can save even more money. Be sure to look for the tag color of the day to save 50% off any item with that color tag.