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Back to School: Tips to make it a smooth ride

Tabitha on Prom Night
T. Blackburn

Wow! Another school year. Yes, the year seems to fly although sometimes the summer seems to drag on as parents everywhere run out of ideas on how to keep their kids busy all summer long without letting them become video game junkies or couch potatoes! Therefore, most parents welcome back-to-school day. Whether it is watching that teary eyed kindergardner stoically let go of his Daddy’s hand and walk off into student-hood, or dropping off your Freshman flipping her first highlights and donning the latest rhinestone studded leather flip-flops, it’s parents who got them there. In many cases parents go through weeks of coordinating carpools and daycare facilities to get them where they need to be at the time they need to be there. It’s a huge undertaking, and there is a great deal to remember each and every morning. Therefore, here are some tips on how to make things easier these first few weeks as everyone gets back into a routine after the long lazy days of summer.

Get them to bed

Children need at least 10 hours of sleep, especially young active teens who have gotten to bed late for weeks over summer vacation. A good tip is to have iPods and cell phones turned in to the parent at the end of the evening. TVs and computers should be turned off as well. Do not fret! Parents can do this remotely. Check out or for simple remote controlled electrical outlets from $13.99 to more complex controls up to $399.00 or more.

Layer their clothes

In San Bernardino County there is a huge variance in temperature this time of year. The weather report will call for a high of 102ºF, but as families pull out into the driveway the temperature at 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. is a crisp 60ºF. It helps to pack a light jacket or pull-over hoodie in their backpacks. Look at for hour by hour temperature in your area.

Keep them hydrated

Because the temperatures are still extremely high, children need to be hydrated. One 16 oz. container will do. Children can refill it at the water fountain. The water is safe and contains many needed minerals at their age. Read about the importance of tap water minerals at

Remind them you care

Experienced parents agree that one of the best kept secrets for helping encourage their children is dropping a small post-it or note in their children’s lunch bag or back-pack that says “I love you, I know you’ll do great this year!” You can click here to learn about the psycho-social benefits of lunch box notes at .

And they’re off! Parents everywhere can breath for 6 hours…

Get ready, next up prom! Time flies!

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