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Back To School Shopping and Outfit Tips

Mom and daughter shopping

If your teenage daughter or son doesn't wear a uniform to go to school, putting together a one-year wardrobe might sound like a challenge. Especially if you have several kids and the numbers don’t add up. When it comes to girls, they are the biggest spenders. That’s why I want to share a few tips to stay within budget while providing your daughter an extensive wardrobe with lots of flair.

Start by putting together a shopping list including all the items necessary. Just like when you go to the grocery store. Go by categories: tops, bottoms, shoes, underwear, accessories, etc. This will allow you to buy "only" what you need. It's fine if you buy one or two items that are not on the list, but stick to it as much as you can.

We live in Florida so, consider shopping for clothes in materials that are light and breathable such as cotton and linen. Don’t invest in many jackets and sweaters because you won’t need them as much. Some classes might be cold and you will need extra layers to compensate. However, you will take them out as soon as you leave the classroom. Invest instead in jeans, pants, skirts, shirts and blouses that you will use and reuse throughout the year.

When choosing your clothing pieces, make sure to have a combination of classics and trends. Today, there are many patterns in style such as plaid and flowers. Buy a couple of pieces that reflect these trends. The rest of the wardrobe must be solids and neutrals. These will allow you to come up with multiple outfits without getting bored or looking the same all the time. Take advantage of deals that lower the price of an item depending on the amount you buy. Five tank tops in different solid colors can give you infinity of outfits. Combine that with scarves and necklaces and you have millions of options.

Buy inexpensive and fun accessories that will transform your looks day after day. If you want keep a small budget for accessories throughout the year. This is a great way to always stay in style without spending much. Great stores for this are Charlotte Russe, Forever XXI and H&M.

Do not spend a fortune on expensive brands. Make sure the items you buy are quality pieces, but do not invest unless you are purchasing shoes or jeans. A good pair of shoes will last a long time as well as a great pair of jeans. Also remember your kids are still growing and they will probably change sizes during the year.

Finally, look into your old stuff. I’m sure you have cool things that you no longer use hanging in your closet. Something your daughter might find interesting. Trends come and go and there are a lot of things out there that you already own. If you spot something in a store you know you have at home, mention it to your daughter. Ask her if she would like to use it. She might say yes, it’s “old-school” and “original.”

I hope this helps!

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