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Back-to-school resources by Autism Speaks

This took kit will help everyone involved with a child with autism.
Autism Speaks

The time for back-to-school is now. All parents must begin gearing up. While this is difficult getting coordinated for many parents, it is especially complicated for parents of kids with autism; challenging and stressful.

Besides the usual shopping and scheduling anguish, having a child with autism that has difficulties with a change in routine is just downright unnerving for them and completely frustrating for the parents. After the preparation is finally complete, a parent’s nerves still are not healed because they must still be concerned that their child will be accepted, will receive the proper attention that they require and the education that they rightfully deserve. These added challenges have a way of adding much more stress this time of year.

One organization that understands the woes that these parents will most likely experience to some effect is Autism Speaks. In order to offset those woes and keep families on track for success, they are stepping in with back-to-school resources.

The resources are full of information for not only the parents, but for the child’s teacher(s) and friends. They are valuable in that they provide the keys to understanding what a student with autism might be feeling but having a hard time expressing verbally. Autism Speaks coordinated these materials to display the best ways that everyone involved can manage the transition.

These resources come bundled in what Autism Speaks called their School Community Tool Kit. The kit is designed to assist all members of the schooling community understand autism and the children that have been diagnosed on the Spectrum. It also teaches about bullying that goes on behind the backs of those that need to know. Not only will teachers learn from the benefits offered by Autism Speaks, but so will the child’s peers, their bus drivers, the cafeteria staff, librarians and everyone else that come in contact with the child.

As more and more information becomes available, the materials within the Tool Kit will be added to and enhanced. Autism Speaks appreciates all contributions toward this ongoing initiative. Feedback from anyone and everyone utilizing the Tool Kit help the success ratio stay high and provides the organization with opportunities for improvement all the while added a bonus for the children receiving the special services.

Back-to-school time is unnecessarily difficult for any parent, but is especially hard for the parents of children with autism. Perhaps if we were all trained by the information provided by Autism Speaks in their School Community Tool Kit, the transition would be easier for everyone!

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