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Back to school mind boosters


Chamomile is easily grown in the garden

Help calm your little one’s mind after a long day of school with a cup of chamomile tea. It works wonders for anxiety, nervousness, and tension. If your child doesn’t like hot tea, try making some iced and add some apple juice. Chamomile already has a sweet apple flavor so they go together wonderfully. Get your child to smell the tea and help reap the benefits of mild aromatherapy. Soon enough they will associate the scent with the calm effects after a long day of having to be organized, sitting still and listening to directions.

If your child needs a little boost during the day to keep on task and absorb all this new information, you can put a drop of rosemary or lemon essential oil in each shoe before school. Both oils have been shown to help increase memory, focus and attention during tests. Not to mention, the disinfectant properties of both oils will keep those shoes smelling fresh!