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Back to school, meet the Hilfigers

Back to school.  Who doesn't love going clothes shopping?  Well save your money.  Okay, get the uniforms, etc. that you must have to be able to walk through the doors.  But, save your money.  I recently ran across the new ad campaign for Tommy Hilfiger (always have loved his stuff).  Cute and preppy.  It is called Meet The Hilfiger's.  Of course they are all models, you aren't really meeting the Hilfigers.  He should have put his daughter in there somewhere.  Do you remember her from that reality tv series?  Can't remember the name of the show.  Anyway, I am jumping around.  Looking through the ad made me want to re-purpose and reuse.  Seriously.  Go through your closet.  What can you add a belt to?  Wear differently?  Change a button or 2?  Roll up the cuffs, or sleeves?  What can you re-wear and save a buck?  It is all about, preppy and old money.  Wearing classics that you have had for years.  So, what are you waiting for?  Take some pictures, and print out and post in your closet.  Give yourself some ideas.  Oh, and layer, layer, layer.  It is truly what will be happening this fall.