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Back to school made easy for teachers

Back to school is an exciting and stimulating time for teachers also. Teachers should know that students look up to them for guidance and support. So, teachers take the time to really listen to your students. Your first day of activities may include fun activities such as a multiple choice quiz about you, so that students can get to know you. Teachers, you may want to use the tried and true, how I spent my summer vacation, or you may use the time to engage the students in writing class contracts for work or behavior agreements. In whatever way your first day of class begins, you know it will be a busy, active and rewarding one. Below are some tips to ensure an apple for the teacher or at least a smooth beginning to a productive school year.

Gene Simmons was a teacher before KISS. Back to school time is an exciting and stimulating time for teachers also.
Back to school time is an exciting and stimulating time for teachers also
Photo by Angela Weiss
  • Arrange your classroom in a friendly, cheerful organized pattern that is conducive to learning and complies with the regulations of your building. Use bright colors, pictures and spaces to display student work. Designate a place for everything and label it. Post rules and consequences. Post daily schedules. This provides structure for the students.
  • Prepare a welcome letter for each student place one on each desk. Introduce yourself and let them know the schedule and your expectations with a brief overview of the year. Include a trivia question to be answered by the end of the day.
  • Make a classroom handbook for parents. Include a school and classroom calendar; help tips for studying, safety and homework; list class rules and expectations; and other important information.
  • Plan, plan, plan! In addition to your lesson plan, have additional activities ready to be used if time permits. It is better to be over prepared than not have enough to do with your students.
  • Become technology savvy. Keep up with what is new in technology and what the students are viewing and playing on computers, laptops, tablets, phones and games.
  • Also, take some quiet time with yourself before school each day, for positive thoughts before meeting with the students, administration and parents.

Enjoy the school year!

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