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Back to School fundraiser financial or material donations urgently needed

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Uplifting Change Through Healing Words and Pieces of Me; Breaking The Silence on Child Abuse are leading a fundraiser to help kids have everything that they need to start school. This is an ongoing process, happening now and donations in many forms will be needed for it to be successful. This is a community based program, and they need all of the support that they can get!

With school only a couple of weeks away many of us have done our school shopping, but there are a lot of moms out there worried about how they will manage. They need our help. These children should not have to face their first day for school having to borrow paper, wearing clothes that are too small or with tattered shoes on their feet. They should have the same chance as the rest of their peers.

After all, could you imagine your child or grandchild facing their days under these circumstances? They are already scared, and their lives are already in turmoil as they are trying to rebuild. You can make all of the difference in the lives of these kids.

A fundraiser is being led by Uplifting Change Through Healing Words. At the moment it is scheduled to be held at 100 gold street in manhattan NY. Please confirm this by contacting Jinelle K. at the Uplifting Change Through Healing Words link above. The location is subject to change.

Donations are desperately needed for school supplies, clothes, shoes and funds to help these mothers and their children.

Government funding has greatly reduced and in some places stopped altogether for assistance with DV. Recent studies have shown that though Domestic violence is the most common reason that women are injured, it is one of the areas that suffered the hardest hit when the budget cuts were implemented. Many women no longer have any resources, and that means a lot won't make it out. Those who do deserve the help they need to get over the bridge to a new life. It is tough at first, and being unable to provide for children is one of the main reason that these women return.

Through the Power of One, anyone can donate $1 to help save the life of someone in danger.


Your $1 will help save lives. Please don't underestimate it!"

Please note that "one in ten calls made to alert police of domestic violence is placed by a child in the home. One of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser or victim." Help us help them, and you can change a life forever.

Together we can make an uplifting change!


The event information is as follows:

Tuesday, September 30at 5:00pm in EDT
NYC Against Domestic Violence
100 Gold St, New York, New York 10038

Please confirm these details closer to the time of the event with Jinelle K. of Uplifting Change Through Healing Words.

A note from the author:

As a survivor, I know the helplessness that things like back to school necessities can cause, as starting over, oftentimes from nothing is overwhelming. As an advocate I know how important causes like this are, and as a writer I know how it normally ends if these women do not get help. I also know how very bad it is since the government cuts have been implemented. These women, and more importantly, these children need our help! School in many places is starting in less than 2 weeks. I just bought everything I needed, and for one child it was a couple hundred bucks. As you can imagine anything that you can do towards this cause will be greatly appreciated by all, but not nearly as much as these brave children and mothers that your funds or donations will go to help!

God bless you all.

Please click here to find out more on how you can help in the mission to end the cycle of violence and enrich the life of one surviving child today. We cant fail these kids, because we are their last hope.

Click here to see the official Uplifting Change Through Healing Words website for more info on DV and what you can do to help combat this horrific reality known to so many of today's families.

"It takes a village to raise a child."