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Back to School: Five Ways to Get Ready But Still Enjoy the Summer

Bestsellers by the beach are the BEST!
Bestsellers by the beach are the BEST!

1. Read a book- so many great summer reading options. Use the next few weeks to reconnect with your inner reader. Reading a novel or self-help book that you enjoy is the best way to wake up a summer slumbering brain. So if you’ve put down books until now. It’s not too late to pick up a page-turner and relax in the hammock, by the pool or your favorite nook at home, and immerse yourself in a great story. Here is a link to great choices.

There is still time for fun ways to prepare for the new school year.

2. Prep for Sports-Ways to beat the heat for Fall athletes. Pre-season training is right around the corner and the best way to prep right before school and club outdoor sports is to arm yourself for working out in the August heat. Heat exhaustion is very common this time of year. Football players especially need to take pre-cautions. In order to be heat smart, use ample sunscreen and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Go HERE for sunscreen safety. For hydration after sports, consider coconut water!

3. Less is More: Throw a Closet Clean-Out party. My daughters just recently cleaned out their closets after coming home from college. Most of the clothes in those overly-taxed closets were items left behind that didn’t make the cut when they were packing for school. So during the clean out, they discovered items that fit basically into two categories: the Oh-I-Forgot-About-You gems or the Why-Are-You-Still-Here rejects. Since the Why-Are-You-Still-Heres far out weighed the keepers, they were able to clear plenty of space for the wardrobe refreshers that they hope to acquire for the coming school year. Before you do your back-to-school shopping, while you still have some lazy summer days left, make a day of cleaning out and taking an assessment of what you have—you will likely discover some lost gems, while you make room for the new.

4. Good Sleep is a Super Power: This is not so sexy a topic during the summer. But if you begin now to practice earlier-to-bed, you will greatly benefit for the rest of the year. A good night’s sleep is credited with so many magical results for teenagers—in addition to significantly better grades, good sleep can improve your mood, your weight, and your skin. The student who makes it a priority to get a good night’s sleep is at such an advantage over his or her fellow students as to be almost unfair. So skip the expensive skin treatments, the crash diets and the energy drinks, and just go to bed at a decent hour every night. Seriously, best kept super-power secret ever!

5. Get Your Tech Together. Is your computer overloaded with your summer hobbies and your social media meanderings? Is this the same computer that you will use for school? Use the next few weeks to clear the caches, discard old programs, documents and obsolete games. Explore and add new programs that will be helpful in the new school year. And organize and update your contacts and calendars. Do the same for your smart phone. Make sure you are all synced up and coordinated among all of your devices. Consider investing in a reader instead of carting all of those textbooks. (More about that HERE) By the time school rolls around, be lean, mean and ready…technologically speaking.