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Back to school etiquette: What parents need to teach their kids

Kids minding their manners
Kids minding their manners

Back to school is just around the corner for some; meanwhile some schools are already back in session. That means it’s time for parents to think about what they should or should not remind their kids about before that school bell rings for the first time this fall.

Teaching a kid about moral and values can differ from home to home; however there are a few behavioral rules that should be universally instilled in every child. Have you reviewed any do’s and don’t’s with your kids as they head back to school?

Pack a fun lunch that your kids will eat!

Here is a list to help guide you on what your kids need to remember as they head to a brand new school year.

Positive behaviors to encourage

Always say please and thank you. This is something that teachers hear less and less of and it can come across as rude. It’s a good behavior to teach your kids

The golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Show your kids specific examples of this so that they can fully understand what it means and why it’s important.

Negative behaviors to discourage

Never accept bullying. It’s such a hot topic these days and it is something that no kid should embrace as fun or entertaining. If you see behavior traits that could be associated with bullying, stop and talk to your child in that very moment. If you wait, they may not see it as bad enough, since it was not addressed immediately.

Ignoring diversity. Diversity, in its simplest of definitions, is embracing differences. Those difference could come on the form of skin color, national origin, physical attributes, handicaps, or many other forms. In today’s culture, it’s important to teach our young that all people are worth our time and attention, no matter what.

Of course there are many other behaviors for parents to encourage and discourage with their children. The important part to remember is to have a talk about proper behavior before they head out the door to catch the school bus on the first day of school. Would you rather have the discussion after you get a note from your kid’s teacher about bad behavior?

What other behavior traits should parents encourage or discourage their children to value? What do our teacher readers feel more kids should know when they walk into your classroom? Share it with us in the comments section!

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