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Back-to-school COOL with Sylvania Headlights

Sylvania Silverstar auto lighbulbs make back-to-school safety a COOL thing!
Sylvania Silverstar auto lighbulbs make back-to-school safety a COOL thing!

We'd be remiss in our responsibilities if we did a "Back-to-school COOL" series without covering back-to-school safety.  The Sylvania lighting company didn't forget about this most important issue!  Thank goodness, because children are our most precious resource, and we need to keep them safe at all times.

Nowhere is this more true than the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where it may be dark when kids are walking to school in the winter and when they are returning home after band practice, football scrimmages or drama club.  Don't forget to add in our blustery, winter conditions that are soon to be upon us (shhhhhh!) and you'll see why we added Sylvania Silverstar Ultra Headlights into our "Back-to-school COOL" equation.

According to the company brochure, you should:

~Change your headlights in pairs, before they burn out.

~Upgrade to a high performance halogen lighting.

~Check your headlight alignment

~Clean your headlights regularly

~Make sure all your vehicle lights are working

For more detailed information on headlight safety, how to change your own headlights, and night-time driving safety, visit the company's website at

With the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra Halogen lightbulbs, you'll see farther (up to 40% more downroad visibility), wider (up to 50%more side road visibility) and better (up to 50% brighter light).  That translates into way "Back-to-school COOL". 

School can never be cool, if we don't put safety first! 


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