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Back-to-school COOL with Sprayology

Sprayology's "Brain Power" keeps brains focused and sharp for back-to-school.
Sprayology's "Brain Power" keeps brains focused and sharp for back-to-school.

Brain Power!  We all want more of it!  Keeping schedules straight, memorizing theorems and sonnets, contemplating regression equations and histograms, extrapolating information and synthesizing everything is enough to make any brain short-circuit. 

Yet, all of the above, and more,  is what many teen brains must do on a daily basis.  Then they lather, rinse, repeat and do it again the next day.  Throw in a football or soccer practice or two, a little bit of teen angst and maybe some romance troubles and you've got a recipe for a brain that is on overdrive.

Enough to make your head spin?  Thought so.

Well, thanks to Sprayology's "Brain Power", those teen-aged brains can get a little boost to help aid short-term memory lapses, confused thinking, difficulty making decisions and lack of concentration.  Sprayology's "Brain Power" sharpens the mind through a sublingual (under the tongue) spray that can be taken up to 3 times a day to help put your teen on an level playing ground. 

Sprayology uses all natural ingredients, is FDA regulated, gluten free and has no artificial flavors or colors. 

While Sprayology's "Brain Power" is not going to put Shakespeare's "Macbeth" lines automatically in your head by osmosis (as my friends and I used to wish for), it just may be the ticket to help you keep your head in the game long enough to store it to memory and recall it later for a test.

To learn more about Sprayology "Brain Power" and complete line of other sprays, visit the company's website at

*Note: Per the company's website: Although Sprayology is homeopathic and contains no negative side effects, we recommend that you consult a health care professional before using Sprayology products if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have any concerns regarding the use of Sprayology, again, you may consult your health care professional.  This article does not constitute medical advice. However, the site does a very nice job of answering many questions that you may have regarding this product.


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