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Back-to-school COOL with Post-It Notes

Post-it Notes help keep students on track and more!
Post-it Notes help keep students on track and more!

It's not easy for students to keep track of everything once they hit the middle school grades and up.  Generally speaking, they are attending multiple classes throughout the day, and each one of those classes has a different teacher with a different style, different expectations and different agendas.

How can a kid keep it all straight and still have energy left over for football games and band practice?  It isn't easy, but Post-it Notes can sure help! 

Students have been keeping things straight for years thanks to Post-it Notes.  Hard to believe these sticky little notes have gone from functional to fun-tastic and fashionable.  (I still remember the old days when they only came in yellow.)  With an array of styles and prints to choose from, even the most discerning of students will find something that suits them.

When our review box from Post-it arrived, we thought some kind of mistake had been made.  We were expecting a small envelope with a few Post-it pads to take for a spin.  But, no...Post-it, in all of its generosity sent us a box loaded with Post-it goodness.  Our tween and teen reviewers were beside themselves as they took style upon different style, upon different style of Post-its from the box. 

There were multi-colored ones, long list ones for the fridge, super-sticky ones, small tabbed ones, booklet planner ones and more.  A way cool desk model with red zebra stripes and the most darling little purse that dispensed Post-its looked so chic.  Our tweens and teens decided in a flash that Post-it Notes were indeed, back-to-school COOL!

But, don't get carried away with Post-its dashing good looks.  These sticky notes are all business about helping you jot something down and stick it just about anywhere you need to help remember your important stuff.  For your student, will that place be the bathroom mirror...on the inside of the front door, inside a gym shoe or on the outside of a saxophone case?  (I think my kids have used all of the aforementioned places in years gone by!)

Surprisingly, Post-its has also branched into an area for just plain fun...with their Post-it Craft Paper.  This paper comes in 8.5x11 inch sheets, is repositional, and has super sticky adhesive technology , so it holds tight.  It's also acid and lignin free, so it's archival quality lends itself to scrapbooking beautifully.

So, not only can Post-it notes help your student remember what time to be there for the big game; they can also help you help remember it all years later, if you scrapbook the memories using Post-it Craft Paper.  So when it comes to creating a memorable school-year, Post-it has you covered.  That totally translates into "Back-to-school COOL"!


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