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Back-to-school COOL with Kleen Slate(R) Concepts

Kleen Slate(R) Concepts will have kids whistling while they work!
Kleen Slate(R) Concepts will have kids whistling while they work!

Kleen Slate(R) Concepts was a shoe-in for our “Back-to-school COOL” series. One look at the fun and unique writing gadget, and we were sold!  The Kleen Slate is multi-functional, as it has applicability to reading, spelling, math, science, social studies and any other subject one might study in school!  These little hand held, personal writing slates, with dry-erase surface and marker, put the cool in back-to-school for a number of reasons.

First, they save trees! They are one step toward creating a green classroom. Practicing printing, arithmetic and spelling, then erasing it all with the swipe of the included cap eraser reduces the carbon footprint. Multiply that by 28 kids (on your Kleen Slate, of course) and well, you see how fast the reduced environmental impact can add up. Now, imagine if every classroom in a school building, in every school in America, used Kleen Slates. We could extend the protection to our environment exponentially.

Next, as far as kids are concerned…the fun factor for some of those more rote exercises in the classroom have just been ramped up when a Kleen Slate is used. They are colorful and the perfect size for kids, tweens and teens to hold onto. Because the markers are available in a variety of colors, writing, computing and spelling are never ho-hum!

Finally, when you or a child use a Kleen Slate, you can be proud about helping out some worthy causes. The inventor, Julia Rhodes, gives back and pays it forward in a number of ways.  There are also some great lesson plans available to use with Kleen Slate available on the company's site.

Best of all, the Kleen Slates are durable and long-lasting. The paddle is sturdy, made of heavy-duty plastic. The marker points don’t push in, are low odor and the paddles can be cleaned up with a solution of soap and water. Most unique of all, is the fact that you can get “replacement stickers” for the dry-erase part. If, after much use, the dry-erase surface appears to have seen better days, simply stick a new surface cover over it. Couldn’t be easier! Replacements are available for the eraser caps, also. Oh, and the marker stores right in the handle!

Our back to school crew LOVED them! So did I!

Geography and Economics Lesson: (Hey, this is a B2S story, after all)…Kleen Slate will be having the eraser tops manufactured right here, a hop skip and a jump from the Upper Peninsula, in Traverse City, Michigan! How’s that for an “almost” homegrown product? By the end of this month, Kleen Slate will be able to say their product is manufactured in the U.S.A. That keeps our money here, stimulating the USA economy!


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