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Back to school: Choosing the right preschool

There are five things to look for when finding the right preschool. First, look for the star-rating. Second, look for the sanitation rating. Third, look for a friendly and courteous staff. Fourth, look for the right location. Finally, look for an affordable price.

Find an overview of the NC Star Rating here .
Do not settle for less than a 4-star center. Chances are that you will get lower teacher education and lower program standards, if you do settle for less than 4 stars.

Sanitation rating
A superior sanitation rating is the best rating a child development center can have. A superior sanitation rating means that the building has been found to be clean and well-maintained, following sanitation regulations to a superior quality. Never settle for less than superior.

Friendly and courteous staff
Expect to see the staff at their best when you visit. Expect to be noticed due to a secure entry. Expect to be greeted. Expect introductions. Expect to sign in and be called by name by smiling faces. If you are frowned upon or scowled at, do not expect a good experience at that preschool. Choose one with happy, bubbly staff.

The right location
The location of a child development center of your choosing should be somewhere between home and work. Choose a center with a 4-5 star rating, a superior sanitation rating, courteous staff, and a convenient location.

The right price
The price of your preschool needs to be affordable, not cheap. In most cases, you get what you pay for. Visit the center and see what you are getting for your money. Make sure you are getting a 4-5 star rating, superior sanitation rating, and friendly staff in a convenient location. If you can afford all that, then the price is worth what you are getting.

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