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Back To School Children Of The Lotus Workshop teaches mindful, healthy living

Youth exploring yoga poses, Dreamcatchers For The Soul Foundation
Youth exploring yoga poses, Dreamcatchers For The Soul Foundation

As local residents seek new ways to beat the summer heat, some families are looking for ways to prepare their children for success in school and fulfillment in life. To support those goals, a local organization that promotes a holistic approach and vision for youth wellness is presenting the Back to School Children of the Lotus Workshop on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This event will be held on the campus of Miami Dade College (North Campus), 11380 NW 27th Ave., Miami, FL 33167.

The Dreamcatchers For The Soul Foundation, Inc. presents its second annual back to school event for kids and their parents. This workshop will feature mindfulness, yoga, qi-gong, organic gardening, and education about juicing and cooking healthy foods. Those who are interested can learn more at the Dreamcatchers For The Soul website. The organizers report that registration is now closed but there is still limited space available for additional attendees, however, there will be no guarantee that additional supplies will be available to non-previously registered guests.

The workshops include theater, visual arts, dance, juicing, healthy cooking, and meditation techniques. Our theme this year is "My Safe Space" and will focus on how children can create a safe space in their lives. The arts activities this year are a visual arts poster contest, a stage play and a dance performance centered on the year's theme. The featured play this year is 'This Is Who I Am', a stage drama that expresses the importance of creating a safe space and safe language to help children feel comfortable and accepted in school. Our spin on Mind, Body, and Soul is Meditation, Live Food, and Art Lives! Our mission is to encourage our children and their parents to explore new food tastes and thus help to foster new perspectives on healthy eating. We then help them find balance from various modalities such as; yoga, meditation, tai chi and qigong.

Rather than stressing about back to school supplies and academic testing, parents may wish to consider helping their children learn skills for more healthy and balanced living. By nourishing the mind and body and empowering the spirit, we can help children grow into healthy, creative, and conscious adults.