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Back to School Checklist for Parents of SNK's

It can be crazy
Billy Barrell

Back to school time is just beginning or in some cases in full force for families around the country. Having at least a modest game plan can be a lifesaver when helping a Special Needs Kid get the most out of school.

Getting started on the right foot is an amplified blessing for the SNK. Confidence can give us a leg up on deflating issues as they arise. Here are some tips:

1. Hugs and kisses. Just remembering to set a positive tone can go a long way in helping your youngster feel good about themselves and let things bounce off, instead of building to a blow up. Don't be stingy with the love.

2. Meet and greet every teacher or instructor. Be supportive and empathetic with them. Make sure they hear from you that it is fully understood they have an important job in teaching multiple students, most of which are considered mainstream. Let them know how thankful you are that they are willing to help your SNK be part of the class, and overcome the challenges of their disability.

3. Make sure every instructor has an idea of your game-plan. School administrators are responsible for setting up an IDP with you, but sometimes teachers aren't as looped in as we would like. Crucial is for an instructor to know they can contact you if your little one needs an intervention of some type. Many teachers like to think they can use the charm and understanding they have to keep things on track. However, in almost every case, that talent will inevitably fail at some point, and some teachers can get offended. It is important for them to realize that sticking to the gameplan will minimize problems, and it is not a bad reflection on their skills. A SNK sometimes does not respond as expected, and the Teacher really needs to accept this.

4. Let your child fail. It is great to find the silver lining in most incidents. But it is good for your child to understand that failure is human, to forgive is divine. Help them feel the wonderful sensation of being forgiven. The less they feel set apart because a special need, the more they will feel "normal". Normal is accepting responsibility for actions, and working to correct mistakes. Don't let your child get railroaded, but allow them to experience consequences, and help them deal with it.

5. More hugs and kisses. At the end of the day, knowing you are loved and appreciated is what every person needs most. A SNK is no different. Although they may hit more potholes on the road of life than other kids, in the end they can feel satisfaction like the rest of us. Help them see the good and work toward making things around them "Better".

All the best in you journey


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