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Back to School Book Fairs

In most areas around the country, school has already begun. If not, it will soon! With back-to-school comes the fall book fairs.

As the price of e-readers and tables has dropped substantially, more and more children are using them to read instead of traditional, physical books. That doesn't mean that book fairs no longer hold value or serve a purpose.

Book fairs are a perfect place to pick up those classics that will be kept for decades. A child is never too young to begin their collection of classic novels, fairy tales, and adventures. From "The Call of the Wild" to "The Wizard of Oz", book fairs allow you to begin a collection that can be passed to the next generation.

If your child reads solely on an e-reader or tablet, consider purchasing books at the book fair for donation to the school library. Not every student has the luxury of owning an e-reader or tablet. With public libraries closing on a daily basis, sometimes the school library is a child's only access to the world of reading. Even if purchasing for your own child's use, please consider adding one more book to the pile to donate.

In addition, books for children are always in huge demand at battered women's shelters. Most of the children being sheltered arrived without anything and a book to call their own is a precious thing.

While the world moves faster and faster into an electronic medium, book fairs still have a place. These are just a few suggestions on how to utilize and enjoy them.

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