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Back to school. . .

Whose views do they share now?
Whose views do they share now?

School started this week in Duval, St. Johns, and Putnam counties; and all 3 have institutions ranging from Pre-K to Baccalaureate, and Duval has some post graduate schools as well. Parents and students should be reminded of this one thing: Education is indoctrination.

This may sound quite radical, but if one thinks about it, the truth is evident. Christian Parents have the first duty and opportunity to educate their children, to grow them in nurture and admonition of the Lord. Initially, the task is simple and for the most part, straightforward. Children are taught thanksgiving, supplication, and intercession at home by observing their parents and siblings engaging in prayer and communication as part of their daily life.

At church, they may be exposed to Biblical principles, such as giving and sharing, justice, respect, and the edification and equipping of the less able or less fortunate. Even though children have an innate concept of justice and charity, parental and church influences, help them place it in context. Initially all goes well; toddlers and kindergartners although exposed to outside influences still for the most part trust their parents with being the source of good and worthwhile knowledge. As they grow however, they see the fallen world-a world complete with injustice, cruelty, disaster; in short, a world compromised by sin. They begin by looking at education as a way to make a difference.

This is where we as parents usually fail them. Many of us have never learned beyond elementary school level how the Gospel empowers us to make that difference. And so, when our educational system exalts humanism and atheism as the source for all answers, we remain mute, unable to respond. After all, “they have degrees”. But if you remember the Wizard of Oz, a degree does not mean you have any more upstairs than the hay that is in some very credentialed individuals’ craniums.

If you’re a parent, strive to live the life that Christ wants to live through you. Don’t shy away from your child’s teacher or school when they propose something that is not Scriptural. If you need help in defending your position there are a lot of good resources out there, including your pastor or Sunday School teacher.

If you’re a student, be critical. Many times we substitute our professors and teachers for our parents; and unwittingly we accept with almost the same authority their pronouncements. Realize that what you’re hearing in the classroom is not new. It may have been restated recently, but a great deal of it is millennia old. If mankind has not been able to solve its problems with the knowledge that is been available for centuries or more, what has changed that will enable it to do it without God? Know that the difference you will make in the world begins with you, and only Jesus can bring the new creation into your life.

For an excellent article on agenda in education, read Dr. Mohler’s article here.

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