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Back to school 2014: what makes a great lunch?

Food and exercise: highest foundations for good health.Nutritional deficiencies have a detrimental impact on children and everyone.
Food and exercise: highest foundations for good health.Nutritional deficiencies have a detrimental impact on children and everyone.
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Power pack your kids lunch.

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Kids are at an age where they need vitamins, nutrients and the right kind of lunch to give them energy. However most parents lack the right kind of information or are too busy to give their kids the right foods and veggies for utmost growth. Consequently we find an increase in obesity or ADHD among the very young. Who is to blame? Availability of good free pesticide products or the parents themselves!

In our neck of the woods, most schools will start soon or have already done so. This summer went by so fast! How will feeding our kids in 2014 be different from previous years? Michele Obama has done a tremendous job by starting the ‘let’s move’ program. Still today, some parents do not seem to have heard about this very special way of feeding our kids. Because of political affiliations, some would rather ignore this beneficial message.

Food and exercise: highest foundations for good health.

In 2006, the United Nations Children's Fund stated that

  • Diets poor in micronutrients trigger illness, blindness, premature death, impaired mental development, and susceptibility to infectious diseases, particularly among children in developing countries.

The organization emphasized the fact that well-nourished children perform better in school and grow into healthier adults.

  • However 2013 records show that attention hyperactivity disorders, allergies, asthma and other maladies have risen dramatically.

For example:

An annual increase of more than 3% of children suffering from ADHD symptoms has been recorded among boys and girls. In general, nutritional factors may play a role. Diet modification may decrease symptoms in the management of ADHD and should be considered as part of a treatment protocol.

  • Food allergies & sensitivities: High intake of processed food, additives, and preservatives may increase allergies and sensitivities in ADHD patients; henceforth increasing their symptoms.
  • Deficiency in minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and B-vitamins are due to inadequate consumption of proper nutrition. This can create great instabilities in biological functions therefore increasing many symptoms being seen in ADHD patients.
  • Low-protein and high-carbohydrate diets may also be another reason to explain the symptoms.
  • An elimination diet seems appropriate and a good start to decrease signs of ADHD.

Nutritional lunch and ADHD.

Improper nutrition may intensify ADHD symptoms. Proper nourishment has an incredible influence on neurobiological functions.

In conclusion, inadequate nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals has long been recognizing to be the source of acute and chronic ailments in the alternative movement.

A reminder: Establishing a task force on childhood obeaity".

Gouvernement may be allowed to intervene in case of child obesity and parents of obese children may lose supervision.

The memorandum was published in February 09, 2010 by the white house in Washington DC to fight childhood obesity.

Obviously, eating too much, choosing the wrong foods and being physically inactive are certainly major factors in today’s obesity epidemic.

Nutritional deficiencies have a detrimental impact on children and everyone. Still, each child is different and therefore nutritional treatment should be supervised by a professional.

The given information is not a mean for treatment. Visit a professional for further evaluation.

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