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Back to School 101: Orientation tips and dorm room finds

Going back to college: orientation and more tips
Going back to college: orientation and more tips
Back To School by Gualberto107

Going back to college: orientation tips and more

The number one reason students drop classes, leave college or get failing grades is because they fail to thrive—in other words—they are not stupid, they do possess the ability, but they just have no drive. A loaded ship won’t sail without the winds to carry it, it's just that simple and that complicated.

Make up your mind that you belong in school, and if you don’t go, you will probably regret it. If you go and fail, it will cost you (or your parents) time and money, so resign yourself to the fact that college or university is not just for the gifted.
It is also not for unusually creative people either. Why? Because intelligence is the ability to think rationally, and know how to choose the best answer from the research you gather. Creativity on the other hand, is divergent thought or thinking out of the box. You want a little creativity, but the one who does best in college, likes to solve problems and create solutions by improving their memory, and listening to and thinking about educational ideas.

Here are some other self-help tips:

  • Become pre-oriented toward the idea of college life
  • Take comfort in the fact that you’ve been out of the system for a while, and you may be nervous, but so it everyone else.
  • Undiscovered territory does arouse fear and familiarity quashes that so: the more information you have, the less anxiety
  • The more questions you get answered, the less anxiety
  • The more you know what you are doing, the less anxiety

"The more questions you get answered, the less anxiety"

Get acquainted with the college by:
Walking around campus

  • Locate the Health Center, campus security, the library, and the Student Center
  • Study the college catalog and get familiar with school policies such as the college mission, accreditation, academic probation/dismissal; student grievances, counseling services, attendance policy, etc.
  • Take the orientation class.

Shopping reviews from KOHL’S
We recently received a few items from Kohl’s back-to-schoolDestination Dorm” collection that we really like. If you are worried about sharing a bathroom or having to shower in a community setting, you will love Simple By Design’s bath wrap (see photos in the slideshow). This is a warm, vibrant-colored posy print bath towel that envelops you with a secure adjustable hook & loop closure (Velcro). It’s darling and there is a matching hair wrap (with an extra white towel wrap in a 2-pack) that you’ll love. It is shaped so you can wrap hair, any length, by bending over slightly and placing it on your head, give it a twist and tuck it into the hook on the back. No more try keep a regular towel tucked in (with inevitably falls out) when you are moving around.

The other dorm room item we like a lot is the Simple By Design bed caddy. This is a cool rectangular-sewn box with different compartments. You fill it with the things normally kept bedside such as: a to-do notepad, your latest reading, tissues, a flashlight—whatever you want to have at hand when you’re in bed. Now the best part is there is a large flap that tucks in between the mattress and the bed frame, so your stuff is at handy reach! You don’t even have to get out of bed to put your book etc. back on a table. Pretty cool.

All these things are on sale now and Kohl's has lots of back-to-school specials so you can get more for your money.

Add Method into your shopping
Method is launching a stylish limited edition personal care collection inspired by the bold colors and patterns of preppy fashion. The assortment includes gel hand wash, foaming hand wash, and body wash in three autumn fragrances: white cranberry, rice milk + mallow, and kelly moss. The non-toxic, naturally derived formulas are infused with aloe vera to leave skin clean and moisturized. We recommend the fragrances: kelly moss and white cranberry.

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