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Back to normal after a Holiday weekend

Sleeping Babe
Sleeping Babe

If you children are anything like the average child, the celebrations of a long holiday weekend will typically break their normal routine. From sleep, to dinner time, and even before bed baths and books, it is pretty easy to get off schedule.

Some tips to get your little one back onto the schedule they are typically used to are :

  • Start to structure your days back to what they were before the holiday weekend.
  • Talk to your family or other visitors who may drop by during the week when you are working to get back into the swing of things. The less disruptions the better.
  • Move your bedtime up 15 minutes per night till you get back to the normal time your little one was sleeping before the change.
  • Make sure to structure lunch and dinner time back to what it was regardless of if your children are hungry. You cannot force a child to eat, but you can teach them that meal times are at certain points of the day.
  • Wake your children up the normal time they would get up in the morning, and don't allow them to sleep in. It will help make them more tired for bed time.
  • When it comes time for bed, encourage your children to do it without the aid of music, television, or any other electronics. Silence is sometimes the best option.

Slowly but surely your children will start to get back to normal. It may not be an over night change like the initial change was, but it will slowly help you to get back to normal with your little one.

Good Luck!


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