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Back to learning in Metro Atlanta

Back in the day, the first day of school was after Labor Day in September. Parents enjoyed an entire Summer and businesses benefited from the long vacation. Labor Day in 2014 is on Monday, the 1st of September. All schools throughout the United States and in Georgia, will be delivering instruction long before that date. School is starting earlier and earlier year after year. Learning should take place everyday at home, in the community, mass media, newspapers, now social media, and school. Students just happen to be going to a building where trained educators, teachers, and support staff are there; to generate a conductive learning environment, that will ensure their learning with proper instruction and curriculum.

Learning is exciting and challenging
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We must change the mind set that school is the only place where a student learns. That is like attending church will make you a Christian or like sitting in a garage will make you a car. Students must realize that learning is a lifelong process and they should develop a love for learning without being coerced. Learning, not because it is a requirement to graduate from high school or get a degree from college or trade school certification. As defined by the dictionary, learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or study, or by being taught.

Back in the day, schools started after Labor Day, because schools did not have air conditioning, and the September start made for a cooler Fall opening. Central air, has afforded schools with more options and the opportunity to start school, earlier and earlier.

There is little research to support that early starting of school, results in higher scores and better grades. Their are two issues unveiling: the hours in a school day and the time school starts and ends with a Summer recess. Much of the push to start school earlier is due to performance issues and high-stakes performance test.

Going to school by a number of days designated by the state is no guarantee that learning is going to take place. The issue is about the quality, rigor of teaching, learning and not quantity of days a student sits in a classroom.

Children first.

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.” -Morris Adler


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