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Back To Basics: Wavelengths: The Color of Light and Balancing it



  • Calvin 6 years ago

    NICE! I love playing with the color of light to create different feelings!

  • Kevin James 6 years ago

    When using film photography it is often necessary to put filters on your camera or to purchase film that is balanced for the particular lighting (color) that you are using. With digital photography we can easily change the white balance. All digital cameras come with a good variety of choices for correcting typical lighting situations with white balance. They also generally include an auto setting as well which is useful if you do not know what kind of light you are working under. Typically the more expensive cameras will also include the ability to custom balance to any color light!

  • Sophie 6 years ago

    @ Kevin: You're right about the film compensation. Also the rest, which the article explains nicely, even has illustrations which is great! Well written article. Effective based on your short summary of it. Custom white balance, as the article states, is far superior than Auto. Learning to use it is very useful and gives the best color!

  • Ryan Cohen 6 years ago

    This is a great article. A lot of amateur photographers and hobbyists, have a hard time understanding this part of photography as a whole. Great job!

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