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Back-to-back SOLD-OUT shows - a rockin' way to celebrate Target Center's birthday!


David Sherman Photo: Metallica

Though the audiences differed in gender, age, appearance, and musical preferences, Taylor Swift and Metallica sure know how entertain their fans and sell out arenas! This week, Target Center hosted back-to-back sold out shows: Taylor Swift on Sunday, Oct. 11th and Metallica, Oct. 13th…Could there have been a better way for Target Center to celebrate its 19th birthday? Throughout Target Center’s 19 year history the venue hosted over 4,000 events since the doors on October 13th, 1990.

Taylor Swift

In a non-stop whirlwind of ever-changing lights, music, and video, the multi-talented Taylor Swift absolutely rocked Target Center Sunday night. Her performance in Minneapolis was the final show on her 52-city Fearless Tour and she certainly pulled out all the stops, from crowd interaction to end-of-tour pranks, for her 15,000 mostly-female screaming fans.

At many points through her show, Swift gazed out into the crowd, with a look of both excitement and awe, as the roar of the arena exploded for her. It was moments like this, among many, that make fans feel so connected to her. Fifteen year old Amanda and her thirteen year old sister Jessica were two such girls who were thrilled to attend the show. When asked what it was that makes fans love Taylor so much, Amanda, who is a sophomore, replied, “ She gets what we’re going through – boys (obviously) and going through the motions of high school. Her song “Fifteen” is about being a freshman.” Jessica also noted, “She’s young, like us, and she’s a good role model. Her songs correspond with her life.”

Making her fans feel that she is just like them through her lyrics and presence allows Swift capture their hearts. In her lyrics, which she writes herself, she calls upon her own experiences – spotting the good guy from the bad, mending a broken heart, anxieties about fitting in at school, and wondering if the right boy will ask her to the Prom – to name a few. As a performer, Taylor is not afraid to get right in the crowd with her fans – literally. After the seventh song, she miraculously appeared across the arena and gave a surprise performance from a landing at the top of a section. From there, she high-fived and hugged her way down the stairs to a small platform stage where she gave an intimate acoustic version of “Fifteen,” with simply her guitar.

From her words to her actions, Taylor Swift delighted her fans with her genuine personality from start to finish. In her post-concert reaction, Amanda exclaimed, “She was better than I expected – the best concert I’ve ever been to!”


If you passed by Target Center Tuesday night, there was no question about which event was about to begin. Over 20,000 eager concert-goers gathered for the sold-out Metallica show, most donning a Metallica t-shirts. Metallica’s almost three-decade career has included performances to sold-out crowds all over the world and for Tuesday night’s show, on their Death Magnetic Tour, Target Center was no different.

The stage featured a huge laser-light up center stage, coffin-shaped overhead light fixtures and a revolving drum kit. James, Lars, Kirk and Robert rocked the house for over two hours, but what really puts Metallica on a pedestal and truly sets them apart, however, is their range of song selection appealing to the band’s both original and new followers. Songs from the past – “Ride the Lightning” and “Seek & Destroy” – brought fans back to the bands early days, while more recent tracks – “That Was Just Your Life” and “The End of the Line” – proved to fans that Metallica still rocks as hard as ever. And don’t think they forgot classics such as “One” and “Enter Sandman”. Avid Metallica fan, Lawrence, shared, “I thought the guys played very well last night. It was great to hear some of the old stuff along with some of the newer songs. They sounded great and can't wait ‘til they come back again!"

We agree with you, Lawrence. On Tuesday, October 13th – the same night as the Metallica show – Target Center celebrated its 19th birthday and we look forward to many more years of sold out shows to come!

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