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Back stage with the PFunk Allstars

The examiner went backstage with George Clinton and the P-funk Allstars to find out what they talk about before they go on stage. The scene was very calm and quiet when the examiner arrived in the dressing room. Michael "Clip" Payne, Lige Curry, Danny Bedrosian, Garrett Shider, Steven Boyd, Marshall Shider, and several other band members and stage techs were drinking soda and talking. The examiner asked Michael Payne if he would like to talk about his projects and anything else.

Lige Curry: "Clip doesn't ever give interviews!"

Examiner: "Is that true?"

Michael Payne: "I usually don't do interviews, but I will today."

Examiner: "How long have you been doing music?"

Michael Payne: "Since I was eight years old, I was dedicated to being a part of records"

Examiner: "Eight years old? That's an early start. How did you get your start?"

Michael Payne: "I started by taking a class trip in Detroit to Motown Studios. I had a teacher who was a first cousin of producer Norman Whitfield. They brought us into a studio they called Motown studio B, which was formerly Golden World Records. We met Norman Whitfield who taught us about overdubbing and quality control. He gave us options as kids, he was talking to us as if we really were grown. And he said,'What do you want to do? You're from Detroit, what do you want to do? What do we do here?' He said 'We make cars here. Do you think you are going to have a real life making cars?' We said, 'Yeah!' 'Or you know you have other options. You can make Kellogs Cornflakes. Battle Creek is here.' The kids said, 'Aah, that don't sound too cool.' He said, 'I'm a producer. This is Motown. We make records. That's what we do here in Detroit. We make records and we write songs.' When I saw how easy that was, I knew that was what I wanted to do."

Please click on the attached link to listen to the full interview and a performance by the 420 Funk Mob.


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