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Back on the Block!

The music that will change the landscape of music
The music that will change the landscape of music

Once it again its on!!!! I took a long stretch away to readjust some things and carry out other ventures and journeys. In the process, I have gained a larger and more broad perspective on life, people, Hip Hop as an artform and the culture itself.

I will not take up your time to ride my soapbox car down the MassPike for 40 miles, but rather I leave you with this.

It is a lost element to be truthful and genuine. People have masqueraded as artists and have fooled the consumers into thinking that duplication and fabrication is beautiful and authentic. I am inspired by so many different artists and sounds that I am not by any means bashing one particular genre or sub genre, but some things are not sonically good period!

I like my rappers to rap and my singers to sing. I do not want to listen to Trey Songz tell me that he is going to murder me and torch my remains on the side of the road. I also do not want to hear Beanie Sigel sing me sweet lullabies and tell me how great of a lover he is.

There is a reason when you hear records like “The What” by Biggie Smalls, “Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep, “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” by ODB, “Boyz N tha Hood” by Eazy E, “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” by Bone Thugs & Harmony or “Paper Thin” by MC Lyte you react. Its genuine music. No calculations. No filters. No brainstorming. No radio destinations. Just music that the artists thought to record in that moment that wound becoming timeless pieces of art in our culture.

The music today is disposable. When is the last time you kept a cd (yes a cd) in your home stereo or car for over a 2 months? When is the last time you heard something that made you stop mid-sentence because it was so captivating or breathtaking? I bought Rick Ross’s new cd, the collector’s copy and I like 3 or 4 songs out of the 17. I also bought Wale’s last effort “The Gifted” and I play repeatedly 12 or 13 out of the 16 tracks. Same camp, just different angles and perspectives from the artists.

I just want people to challenge. Be you. Be great. Inspire.

There are many artists from my part of town that are doing just that and I want to name a few for right now.

Salute to Reks, RipShop, Easy Money, Letia LaRok, NBS, Termanology, Millyz, Dutch ReBelle, Slaine, J the S (now appearing with his band Blue Gold) just to name a few. Boston has the rawest and most special talent and it will be a matter of time before EVERYONE knows it.........

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