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Back in Lansing

Dear Examiner Readers, or anyone who just happens to come across this page, I apologize for my absence but I have been making some changes. I am pleased to announce that I have gone from being your Denver Book Reviews Examiner to your Lansing Book Reviews Examiner.

In making this change I am determined to also make some changes in my articles. I will of course continue reviewing books I am currently reading and making suggestions but as is striving to be more local, as will I.

Denver may be a hotspot for culture and the arts but Michigan is also home to very famous and notable names in literature.

As I begin reviewing again I am going to try and focus more on local authors, local author readings, and novels based in our wonderful Great Lake State.

As I get my feet wet and start searching out books such as these here are some great authors you may not know are from the area.

Jim Harrison- Known for; “Legends of the Fall,” “The Summer He Didn’t Die,” and many other novels.

Patricia Polacco
- children’s author of books such as “The Keeping Quilt” and “Thank You Mr. Falker.”

Chris Van Allsburg- Children’s author of “Jumanji” and “The Polar Express.”

Philip Levine- Pulitzer Prize winning poet.

I hope the books I read inspire you as they do me.


  • josh curtis 5 years ago

    glad your back in the lansing area!!

  • Carrie - Lansing preschools examiner 5 years ago

    Welcome to Lansing! I look forward to your reviews and information. You might want to check out the Sleeping Bear Press as there's some pretty good offerings there.

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