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'Back 2 The Wild' with the Basement Jaxx

If you were looking to discover where the wild things are, do not pay attention to the children’s fairy tale book.

Basement Jaxx Perform at 333 Live in Los Angeles-slide0
Erica Nusgart Images
Basement Jaxx Perform at 333 Live
Erica Nusgart Images

The true wilds thing were lurking last week at the 333 Live nightclub in Los Angeles. It was there that the legendary beasts of electronic music -- the Basement Jaxx -- took center stage, taking their audience on a rhythmic safari of jungle rock and disco-infused funk.

The Basement Jaxx are the roaring offspring of British electronic dance music duo Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe. With a flair for cultivating glittering music that gives a constant bounce, the celebrated pair has been churning out club bangers since the late 1990s with hits such as “Where's Your Head At?” and “Do Your Thing” – both of which have been featured in numerous video games and movies.

While Basement Jaxx is a rare species of melodic diversity, mixing and matching all different kinds of genres and vocals with one another, they have yet to reach the same recognition as their peers such as Deadmau5 and Daft Punk.

Nevertheless, Basement Jaxx has brought home two BRIT awards for Best Dance Act and a Grammy for Best Electronica/Dance Album, proving you don't need a robot costume or a big mouse head to be successful in the electronic music scene.

After a five-year hiatus, Basement Jaxx will debut their seventh studio album on Aug. 25. The new album titled, “Junto”, means together in Spanish.

"The whole album is about connection and the interdependency we have with nature and the cosmos,” Buxton candidly explained. “It celebrates the togetherness of human beings and the fact that we are all connected."

At the L.A. show, Basement Jaxx enthusiasts celebrated their “togetherness” by creating characters from all corners of the world dance in unison. It was a scene that encompassed a celebration of life, love and sound.

The new album features the spunky, mariachi band-esque track, “Mermaid of Salinas”. Another track, “Unicorn”, is kaleidoscopically fun and crisp with ethereal vocals and sharp hooks.

“Everyone and everything has inspired us,” Ratcliffe said. “We listen to all of the dance landscape and integrate both jazz and rock. We try to make our music colorful."

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