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Bachfest in Leipzig, Germany


Where Bach still lives...

It's that time of year again.  Summer music festivals are all over Europe! Germany holds some of the most famous festivals.  Bachfest, in the state of Saxony, is no exception.

Saxony is known for it's beautiful countryside (schoenes wald), castles (schloss), beer gardens (bier garten).  It's also home to one of classical music's most famous cities: Leipzig.

Leipzig is a city full of art, music and culture.  As Bach lived in Leipzig for 27 years, the people of Leipzig are proud to say that he lived and worked for the city.  In his time there, he served the area churches of St. Thomas (Thomaskirche) and St. Nicolas (Nikolaikirche).  When I lived in Leipzig, we were given bumper stickers that read "Bach lebt" English...Bach lives!  Leipzigers, as they are locally known, are proud of the connection with Bach and prove it by this annual event.

If you read German, here is some information about Bachfest:  (and in English here:

If you are interested in Saxony, go here for tourist information in English:

For information on the city of Leipzig in five languages, go here:

Enjoy Leipzig!

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  • Todd 5 years ago

    Germany has some great Rock music festivals too!, I found a list of all of them on . Def going to try and catch one.

  • DM 5 years ago

    Do they give out the bumper stickers at the border, for all who enter Leipzig?!

  • E.T. 5 years ago

    "schoenes wald" is actually "schoener Wald" wich means "nice forest" but not beautiful countryside.
    nevertheless hope to see yot there :-)

  • Ingo Neelmeijer 5 years ago

    All the read that-trust Todd Beard, he was with me together very often and got a lot informations about Leipzig and where you get the best cup of coffe !!! I´m a nativ of Leipzig !!!

  • PJ 5 years ago

    Brings back lots of lovely memories - how I could do with a visit there now! Being not 100% the last couple of times I was there did spoil it a bit for me, but despite that I enjoyed myself there - so much history and so much good music too.

  • WGT 5 years ago

    Gothik Treffen was really big about a month ago. 180 bands 20k visitors and 4 days!