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'Bachelorette' update: Are Desiree and Chris still together?

Des and Chris
Des and Chris
Desiree Hartsock / Twitter

Are Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried still together? Yes! Last season's "Bachelorette" and her beau, Chris, are still very much together and are doing well. On Jan. 5, the couple returned to Seattle where they are living and building their new life together. They flew in from chilly Atlantic City where they made an appearance at Harrah's Resort (via Twitter).

"Great times! Just landed and oh so tired," Chris tweeted to some friends (including Zak Waddell from Des' season). Prior to that, Des tweeted "The cold can't stop us. Ready for an awesome night!" It sounds like everyone had a great time -- even though it was bitterly cold on the east coast this weekend!

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are still together but they have not released any sort of wedding plans. Previously they had said they wanted to get married in the spring, but so far, no updates. That doesn't mean that anything is wrong, however, and judging by their tweets, they are doing really well together. Do you think these two will make it? Will they have a television wedding?

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