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‘Bachelorette’ star Trista Sutter reveals her secret to long-lasting love

Trista and Ryan Sutter
Trista and Ryan Sutter
Trista Sutter's Twitter

Bachelorette” star Trista Sutter was the first girl to film the “Bachelorette” when the show’s producers decided to let a woman pick her husband. She found love with her final pick, Ryan Sutter. And it sounds like they have been going strong, even though many couples have flopped after filming the show. According to a new PEOPLE report published on Jan. 15, “Bachelorette” star Trista Sutter is now revealing the secrets to a happy marriage.

"The way we got together is so not normal," Trista has revealed about her marriage. "But we do live a normal life. Yes, we met in a fantastical way, but it's really what we did after the show that mattered." Of course, many couples fail because they can’t settle down and live a normal life after filming the show.

But Ryan and Trista decided to leave Hollywood after meeting. After getting married, they started planning a life together and now they have son Max, 6½, and daughter Blakesley, 4½. They also live in Colorado. "When the show was over, I saw Trista didn't need the cameras," Ryan reveals, adding, "Our roots grew deeper and deeper."

The two just celebrated 10 years of marriage and they will be honoured on the show this upcoming week. What do you think of them going against all odds?