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‘Bachelorette’ star Ryan Sutter tells wife: ‘I can do a lot better’

Trista Sutter
Trista Sutter
Photo by Michael Kovac

Bachelorette” star Ryan Sutter may be a foreign name for those who have been watching the show more recently, because he was actually the man who was chosen on the first season of the “Bachelorette.” The two have been trying to stay out of the spotlight, but it sounds like they are having some issues about their marriage. They have two children together, Max and Blakesley. According to a new report, “Bachelorette” star Ryan Sutter is now revealing his true feelings to his wife, Trista Sutter, after years of marriage.

The two have been filming “Marriage Book Camp: Reality Stars,” where secrets from their marriage have been revealed. Of course, they have been married for quite some time and they get comfortable with being together. As a result, they may be saying sweet things less than they used to, and they may not be making the same efforts as they once did. And with two children and careers, it can be hard.

Ryan and Trista have been the golden couple of the “Bachelor/Bachelorette” franchise, as they have been married for so many years. And yet, they felt it was necessary to get help on the show, “Marriage Book Camp: Reality Stars,” where they talk about some of their issues. They reveal that they have experienced cracks in their marriage, including Ryan not stepping up and helping out.

“I just feel like I can do a lot better,” the Colorado-based firefighter, 39, admits in the video. “I just want to be the person for my wife that she deserves.” Fellow co-star, Tanisha Thomas, reveals that she thinks they are strong together. “You guys are like the fairytale,” Thomas responds. “With issues and always room to improve.” In an exercise, he comes clean. “I love you, I should have told you that more,” he whispers to his wife. “I should have told you everyday. I should have been the first to tell you everyday.”

However, it sounds like they will work out their issues. If he steps up and helps out more and tells her that he appreciate everything she does, then things may work out well with them. It sounds like they just have to get back on track with their relationship. Do you think that they can work out their issues? Do you think that you will watch the upcoming episode of the show, where they share their issues?