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‘Bachelorette’ star JJ O’Brien speaks out about Andi after elimination

JJ O’Brien
JJ O’Brien
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Bachelorette” star JJ O’Brien may have had some high hopes when it came to building a future with Andi Dorfman, but she didn’t feel the same way. The two bonded on their first one-on-one date, as they dressed up as old people and had a blast playing around in the park. However, the pants business owner wasn’t clicking for her. After being eliminated, he spoke out. According to a new Hollywood Life report published on June 24, “Bachelorette” star JJ O’Brien is now speaking out in defense of Andi after he was eliminated from the show.

Of course, Andi is coming down to just a couple of gentlemen, and she had to let those go where there wasn’t a big spark. Not only did JJ go home, but she also sent Cody home before the rose ceremony even started. And while Cody was heartbroken, it was JJ who had more invested in their relationship, as he had dated her more throughout the season.

And while people were shocked that JJ was being sent home, it sounds like JJ has nothing more than sweet words to say about Andi. “For the record, “The Bachelorette” was an INCREDIBLE experience and I want to thank Andi Dorfman for her role in it. a truly special lady,” JJ tweeted after watching the show. One can imagine that he was heartbroken in the moment, but he may have quickly recovered. He does seem like a jokester, who prefers to be happy.

Many people were upset to see both Cody and JJ leave the show, because there are some men on the show who are questionable for Andi after last night’s episode. She was questioning Josh’s honesty after his reaction to the lie detector test, and the men were questioning Nick’s behavior with the men.

It sounds like Andi will work things out for herself in time, as she is rumored to be happy now. What do you think of JJ’s sweet message about Andi after the elimination?