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‘Bachelorette’ star Jef Holm slams Juan Pablo: ‘He’s sleazy and in it for fame’

Jef Holm
Jef Holm
Jef Holm's Twitter

Bachelorette” star Jef Holm has been watching the show ever since he ended his engagement to Emily Maynard a couple of seasons ago. He claimed he had the right intentions for Emily, but once the cameras went away, they had a hard time clicking. And while they have both moved on, it sounds like Jef is the only one who will watch the show. And he has been following Juan Pablo’s journey to find love. According to a new Radar Online report published on Feb. 25, “Bachelorette” star Jef Holm is now revealing that he is not impressed with the new “Bachelor.”

Shockingly, Holm believes that Juan Pablo is “by far the sleaziest Bachelor that’s been on the show.” Of course, after last season, people were infatuated by the soccer player and Chris Harrison was thrilled to announce him as the new “Bachelor.” However, Juan Pablo has gotten a bad reputation because he seems so focused on the physical connection. And after Andi Dorfman left the show, it appears that people are starting to see the connection.

“I think he’s a very interesting, very interesting Bachelor. He’s just funny,” Holm has revealed. “I think he’s by far the sleaziest Bachelor that’s been on the show. He basically just hooks up with the girls.” And Jef isn’t just saying this because of his own observations. “I’ve had the chance to talk to a few of the girls from his season who have been at events and things, and I mean there are very few good things that have been said about him,” he added. “I actually don’t know of any good things that have been said about him.”

And Jef doesn’t see him as a friend. “He doesn’t seem likeable at all,” Holm said. ”It kind of seems like he’s in it for fame.” Of course, Jef and Juan Pablo do seem like very different guys. Fans are eagerly watching to see how he will pick in the end, and it appears that many fans are not thinking this relationship will last.

Do you agree with Jef or do you think he is misunderstood?