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'Bachelorette' spoilers? Who does Andi dump during overnight dates?

Does Andi send Chris Soules home?
Does Andi send Chris Soules home?
Bachelorette ABC Twitter

"Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman sends one of her final three men home before she steps inside the fantasy suite. The overnight dates episode airs on July 14 and with three guys left, fans are wondering who goes home and who Andi's final pick is.

Blogger Reality Steve is confident that Andi will dump farmer Chris Soules prior to getting horizontal in the fantasy suite. If so, it's obvious that Andi faked her excitement during hometowns when Chris suggested that she would have "an opportunity to be a homemaker" if they ended up together.

Chris' departure from the show should come as no surprise to fans. He and Andi had zero chemistry and she did a really bad job of faking interest in him. Props to any girl who does want a good-looking guy who drives a tractor because rumor has it that Chris is going to be the next "Bachelor."

Initially, Reality Steve's spoilers indicated that Chris, Josh and Nick each spend time with Andi in a fantasy suite. However, Steve recently updated his blog, stating that Andi sends Chris home prior to making whoopie with the hot farmer. Instead, she opts to get up close, and quite possibly naked, with Nick and Josh. Not at the same time, of course.

It's painfully obvious that the only reason Chris remained on the show was because ABC wanted him to be the next "Bachelor." Making it into the top three makes him more relevant. Not that he wasn't before. Fans seem to love him and it's likely that the folks at ABC offered him the opportunity to become the next leading man if he politely walked away instead of having a one-night stand with Andi.

If this is true, then that's a great move by Chris. After all, we've had enough of "y'all" and "staaap" this season. We're ready to watch him drive a tractor, craft scarecrows out of hay and play hide and go seek with his adorable family.

It certainly would be interesting to see how many high maintenance beauty queens pretend that they really want to live out in the middle of nowhere with a guy who seems to be about as authentic as they get in the world of reality TV.

After that hot mess known as "Bachelor" Juan Pablo, it would be really nice to have a polite farmer take on the lead on ABC's popular reality show.

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