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'Bachelorette' spoilers: Nick plays dirty, Josh gets jealous & two guys go home

"Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman heads to Brussels
Bachelorette ABC Twitter

Who does 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman send home in Brussels on Episode 7? Six guys continue their journey with Andi, but only four will make it to hometown dates next week. Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that two guys will go home on the June 30 episode and things will get a little heated when it comes to Nick and his desire to remain a front runner. See a video preview of tonight's episode here.

As usual, there will be two one-on-one dates and one group date on Monday night. Four guys on the group date go to a monastery. Perhaps they will confess to the lies that they told last week when they were given lie detector tests.

One-on-One Dates

Marcus will get the first one-on-one date, which supposedly includes a lot of eating (a big change for the show where no one ever eats) and Marcus telling Andi, again, that he’s in love with her. Apparently rebounds quickly, because Reality Steve states that he is on “Bachelor in Paradise” and had no problem hooking up with at least one cast member.

Josh gets the second one-on-one date and he rears his jealous head during dinner. Before he starts to show his possessive side, he joins Andi on a wild goose hunt. Well, more like a parade of geese. Reality Show Report writes, “Their one-on-one date will once again involve birds. Is this a telling sign about their relationship?” Perhaps. But the best part comes when Josh tells Andi that he’s not thrilled when he sees her with other guys. See the parade of geese video here and Josh acting like a jealous lover here.

Is Josh Murray cheating on ‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman?

Group Date

Chris, Dylan, Nick and Brian get the group date card. According to Reality Steve, the group date is in a monastery. Interesting. Not only does Nick get the group date rose, he gets to continue the date with her alone. That’s in addition to his self-created one-on-one date later in the show. See a video preview of Nick sneaking out to see Andi in her hotel room.

Rose Ceremony

Two guys are sent home on Monday night. It should not surprise fans that Brian Osborne and Dylan Petitt are sent packing. After all, Coach Osborne didn’t really impress Andi in the kitchen and Dylan, well … too much hair gel and not enough personality.

Next week, the remaining four guys meet Andi in their hometowns. Nick, Josh, Chris and Marcus all profess their love for Andi, but only three guys will go on to the overnight dates and enjoy a steamy night of passion (or not) with Andi in a fantasy suite.

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