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Bachelorette spoilers 2014: Andi Dorfman meets 25 new men, makes them cry (Bios)

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Get ready: new Bachelorette spoilers 2014 are ready for consumption! (If you're not interested, turn back now and definitely do not click the links in this article.)

Brunette beauty and Bachelor Season 18 alum Andi Dorfman, 26, has embarked on a journey of televised dating, and ABC can't wait for you to spend your summer watching her kiss guys under waterfalls. (Not to mention judging her outfits, her ugly-cry and her overall decision-making skills.) After Juan Pablo proved himself to be less than worthy of her affections, Bachelorette Andi is clearly looking forward to meeting someone who she can have an actual conversation with.

"I'm the Bachelorette!" Andi gushed in the ABC promo for the upcoming Season 10 premiere. She looked bright and bubbly in the spot, but we all know there are unlimited amounts of uncontrollable sobs and hopeless confusion just around the corner.

Among the few new Bachelorette spoilers that ABC let leak in the new promos, we learn that at least a few of Andi's 25 suitors end up in tears of their own at some point or another. (Get full bios on Andi's hopeful bachelors here on

We also learned that a few of the guys don't get along too well in the reality TV sandbox - shocker! - and something happens on the very first night that has the Bachelorette 2014 crew scrambling for back-up. "Can we have producers down here ASAP?" we hear someone say with a fair amount of urgency in their voice.

Tune into ABC next Monday night (May 18) to find out what goes down during the Bachelorette 2014 season premiere and to get a feel for the latest season of made-for-TV love.

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