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'Bachelorette' spoiler: Reality Steve posts video, confirms Andi's final pick

Reality Steve spoils ending of "Bachelorette" Andi's season
Reality Steve spoils ending of "Bachelorette" Andi's season

Blogger Reality Steve posted a video on May 19, 2014 that confirms who "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman picks this season. The video shows finalist Nick Viall talking about Steve's projected winner, Josh Murray and how Dorfman changed her mind at the end of the show and sent him home.

While Viall doesn't come out and say that Josh Murray is engaged to Andi Dorfman, it's clear that they were the final two when filming wrapped up several weeks ago. He talks about how he connected with Andi’s family during the hometown dates and how Josh Murray is "really insecure" and how he will "do whatever she [Dorfman] wants." Watch the entire video here.

Is this big break for Reality Steve Carbone? For those who don't believe in his spoilers, it seems to be. According to Carbone, Viall's conversation was recorded on a US Airways flight 3837 from Charlotte to Milwaukee last Sunday. It most certainly seems to confirm the spoiler that Carbone released on May 13 in which he stated that Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman are engaged.

During the conversation, Viall makes a reference to a former "Bachelor" who changed his mind after the season ended. It's obvious he is talking about Jason Mesnick who decided to dump Melissa Rycroft and win back his second choice, Molly Malaney. Viall seems sure that Dorfman won't pull a Mesnick and change her mind.

“But she won’t…it’s ok. I mean…for someone (inaudible)…it’s actually happened once….ummmm, it was the guy with the girl. The guy changed his mind. They’re actually (inaudible) and now they’re still married. But, ummm…she’s incredibly stubborn (looks at woman to his left who thinks he’s talking to loud. Hey, talk as loud as you want Nick. This is gold!)…ummm, she’s incredibly stubborn, and if someone is passive aggressive and bottles it up, it probably…you know what I’m sayin?”

Does this ruin the ending of the show for fans and will it result in another lawsuit against Reality Steve by the powers that be at ABC? Probably not. Many fans already read his spoilers, but are likely more convinced now that he is right. As far as the folks producing the "Bachelorette", they are likely more ticked off at Viall for chatting loudly in a public place than they are at Carbone for releasing the video.

Watch the video of contestant Nick Viall chatting it up about the "Bachelorette" season finale here.

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