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‘Bachelorette’ poster slams Juan Pablo; Andi Dorfman mocks previous 'Bachelor'

Juan Pablo Galavis
Photo by Ethan Miller

Fans of "The Bachelorette" are laughing at the new poster of the reality show and it is at the expense of Juan Pablo Galavis. While Andi Dorfman probably didn't have too much of a say on how the new season of the show would be promoted, she probably is giggling hard at the jab at the previous reality show star as Juan had quite a few questionable moments on the last season. According to Gossip Cop on Tuesday, the new poster slyly mentions Juan Pablo using a play on words.

The poster reads “She’s looking for the right one.” However, in a clever marketing strategy, the word “one” was written over the word “Juan.” The play on words slightly references the previous “Bachelor” and the incident that left him dumped by Andi Dorfman in the first place.

In all the history of “The Bachelor” franchise, there are few contestants who have raised as much questions about behavior as Juan Pablo. If viewers could let go all the incidents off camera, there is still all the strange stuff on camera. While the man might have been looking for love, he was dumped twice by women who knew he wasn't the man for them.

The issues surrounding Juan Pablo and Andi Dorfman have not been fully explained to the fans, but there were a lot of hints. Andi felt Juan was consumed with himself. It didn't work out and there were words exchanged. When Andi went to the cameras to talk, the fans realized that Juan wasn't the man they thought he was and when Juan refused to pick a lady at the end of the show many viewers felt ripped off after all the time they put into the season.

It appears “The Bachelorette” is going to play off of the previous season and continue to mention Juan Pablo to get a rise out of the fans. It’s working too as fans want Andi Dorfman and anything might be better than Juan.

“The Bachelorette” premieres on May 19.

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