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Bachelorette party car crash: Simple mistake leads to death of Collette Moreno

A bachelorette party car crash led to tragic results. Collette Moreno and her friend Ashley Theobald were on their way to Moreno's bachelorette party when a collision led to the bride's death. The Daily News shared the details on Tuesday.

A bachelorette party car crash left the bride-to-be, Collette Moreno, dead
Screencap via Fox 4 News video

The two ladies, with Theobald driving, were having a great time as they headed to the Lake of the Ozarks for the bachelorette party. They got stuck behind a truck, and Moreno started coughing as a result. Because Collette was struggling, in part because of her asthma it is believed, Theobald pulled around the truck to pass it. This is where things went horribly wrong.

Theobald apparently didn't know they were coming up on a hill, and a Dodge Ram was right there. Though both Theobald and the Ram driver swerved, the passenger side where Moreno sat was hit. After the bachelorette party car crash Moreno was rushed to the hospital, but she died as a result of her injuries.

Moreno and her fiance, Jesse Arcobasso, were slated to wed on July 26 in Jamaica. Collette had a five-year-old son named Brayden. Fox 4 KC notes that Theobald was going to be Moreno's maid of honor. Now Theobald faces charges for imprudent and careless driving. At this point, it seems no criminal charges are expected. Both ladies had thought the coast was clear for Theobald to pass, as it seems they didn't realize there was a hill ahead. Moreno was wearing her seat belt.

This one is a story that definitely has a tragic end for all the parties involved. The two ladies had taken a selfie a few minutes before the accident, and they clearly were having a great time as they drove toward the big weekend event. Now family and friends are heartbroken and surely still in disbelief after the bachelorette party car crash that killed Collette Moreno.

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