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‘Bachelorette’ host Chris Harrison defends Nick Viall after villain label

Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall

Bachelorette” star Chris Harrison may not hang out with Andi Dorfman’s suitors when she isn’t on a date with them, but he does watch the show like everyone else every Monday night. And it sounds like he doesn’t see Nick Viall as the evil guy that the other suitors have made him out to be. Andi has said she likes his confidence, and Chris tends to agree. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on June 24, “Bachelorette” star Chris Harrison doesn’t think that Nick is such a bad guy as people seem to think.

On Monday’s episode of the show, Andi decided to confront him about his various behaviors and comments, as the other men wanted her to vote him home. But rather than deny his behavior, he managed to convince her that he was there for her and just experiencing the wrath of competitive group dating.

Some of the guys believe that Nick’s true colors will show when he is with Andi, but Chris seems to believe that he is just being honest with her. While he doesn’t support Nick’s comments and behaviors with the other guys, he doesn’t think that he is a downright villain either. He just thinks that Nick really wants to impress her and be in her mind when they are not together. And who can blame him?

“At what point are you just being bold, strong, and looking for love and at what point are you being rude or disrespectful?” Chris revealed, adding, “If he’d denied it or acted like he was being bullied, it would have been a disaster for him, but instead he’s open and honest and flat out told Andi exactly how he feels. As you saw, Andi loved it and it only got deeper and better from her perspective at the rose ceremony.”

Andi has been very vocal about sending people home who are not meeting her standards in terms of being there for the right reasons, opening up when she needs to hear it, and being honest about their desires and futures. So, if she doesn’t see something right with Nick, one can imagine that she will be quick to send him home.

What do you think of Nick’s behavior? Do you agree with Chris?

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