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'Bachelorette' hometowns: Why does Andi walk out of the rose ceremony crying?

Why does Andi Dorfman cry on hometown dates episode?
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"Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman sends one guy home after hometown dates as she gets closer to making her final pick. There are many tears shed on the episode that airs July 7, but is Andi crying about the guy she sends home or is something else wrong?

The preview for tonight's hometown dates episode show Andi doing a lot of ugly crying. Many fans are wondering if she is confused about who to send home after meeting the guy's families. However, it appears that her tears are flowing because right before the rose ceremony is filmed, Chris Harrison tells Andi and the guys that contestant Eric Hill died in a paragliding accident. (Watch the video preview of tonight's show here)

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Hill died while the hometown dates were filming. His death has already been addressed on the show, but tonight fans will see how his housemates and Andi react when Chris breaks the news after she has completed her cross country visits to meet Chris Soules, Nick Viall, Josh Murray and Marcus Grodd's families.

Emotions run high and Andi walks out of the rose ceremony crying. So, for those who think that she's upset about ditching one of the guys, think again. It's likely she took the news about Eric's death pretty hard considering she wasn't all that nice to him when they had their final conversation on the show several episodes ago.

Once she gets herself together, there's still the fact that someone has to go home. It's a no-brainer watching the promos that Andi is not all that thrilled about becoming a farmer's wife and homemaker, so does she send Chris home? Compounded with the fact that she seems to be more of a career girl than a homemaker is the news that Chris Soules has a lengthy arrest record, including a plead of guilty to DUI charges.

So, is Chris the one to get the boot tonight, or will Andi keep him around for another week? Tune in at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to find out which three guys get to continue on to next week's fantasy suite dates.

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