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Bachelorette finale: fans call Nick a 'pig' for 'After The Final Rose' sex talk

What did final-two pick Nick Viall say to Andi Dorfman during 'After The Final Rose' on July 28 that has some Bachelorette 2014 finale viewers calling him a "pig?" Find out here now.
What did final-two pick Nick Viall say to Andi Dorfman during 'After The Final Rose' on July 28 that has some Bachelorette 2014 finale viewers calling him a "pig?" Find out here now.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Bachelorette 2014 finale was meant to be a night of made-for-TV love. So what had some viewers referring to one of Andi's final two picks as a "pig" by the time all was said and done? Find out here now.

In case you missed the Bachelorette finale on Monday night (July 28), you can find out who Andi Dorfman picked here in our quick recap. We will also refer to the winner later in this article, so if you are waiting to watch the Season 10 finale on your DVR later, you may want to click off now.

Unhappy viewers took to Facebook as they watched the "After The Final Rose" special that aired immediately after the Bachelorette finale tonight.

"She obviously made the right call," one viewer remarked after watching Nick Viall confront Bachelorette Andi and air their dirty laundry on national television. "What a pig!" wrote another.

So what had fans fuming? Mainly, Nick decided to specify, just in case anyone was wondering, that he and Andi definitely had sex during filming as he guilt-tripped her for dumping him.

Host Chris Harrison told fans Nick tried to contact Andi several times between the end of filming the finale and the July 28 airing, but she refused to meet with him, delaying the confrontation as long as she could. She did agree to read a letter he wrote her, at least.

Though we do feel for him and the way his heart was broken by Andi's mixed signals and mealy-mouthed break up speech, he was a bit out of line on Monday night's live "ATFR" special.

When "ATFR" opened, we sympathized with Nick's loss."That was the most painful day of my life," he said of the day Andi dumped him in the Dominican Republic. "I'm not over her. I felt like she gave me purpose."

Our sympathy faded a bit when he put Andi on blast and directly mentioned sex. (This guy probably shouldn't hold his breath to be selected as the next Bachelor, let's just say that right now.)

After a brief hug, the two began talking, but Nick was shaking visibly as he tried to find the words to ask her what he wanted to know.

Meanwhile, Chris Harrison asked Andi pointedly, "Were you in love with Nick?"

"I was not in love with him. That's why didn't tell him I was in love with him," Andi explained.

"If you weren't in love with me, I'm not sure why you...why you made love to me," Nick blurted out.

"That's below the belt. That should be kept private. But those things were real. It was real for me," Andi replied, clearly offended.

We try to remain objective, especially concerning such silliness as The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but in this case we understand the backlash from angry viewers. "Pig" may be a bit harsh, but it did seem unnecessary to spell things out quite so clearly. Whether or not sex in the fantasy suite is implied, for one or the other to confirm it without the other's approval seems wrong.

For the record, while Nick V. disappointed us in the end, Josh Murray stood out for the opposite reason. (Though now that we think about it, he also alluded to all the sex he's been having with Andi! He did say, "just kidding," but we're pretty sure he wasn't. And to be fair, Nick did at least tweet congratulations for Andi and Josh on their engagement.) After listening to what Josh told Andi right before he proposed and she accepted, we finally see the deep connection between them and what she sees in him. It was a beautiful speech full of beautiful sentiment. Josh truly appears to be more than "just a jock," and we wish them both well.

Do you think Andi made the right choice when she picked Josh on the Bachelorette finale Monday night (July 28)? Do you think it's fair for fans to call Nick a "pig" for what he revealed about his time with Andi? Tell us below.

PS- Sorry sports fans – the new Bachelor star was not revealed during the finale or "After the Final Rose."

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