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'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman's Marcus Grodd and Chris Soules have criminal pasts

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Unfortunately for Marcus Grodd and Chris Soules, some of the mistakes that they've made in the past have come to light. According to an OK! Magazine article published on Monday, July 7, both Marcus and Chris, who are finalists on "The Bachelorette" for Andi Dorfman's hand in marriage, have criminal pasts.

Marcus, who declared his love for Andi just weeks after meeting her, was once busted for drugs. According to court records, he was caught with a stash of pain pills and anti-anxiety tranquilizers in Texas in 2010. One can assume that the amount of drugs that he was caught with meant that they were just for personal use under the allowance of a doctor. Marcus' mugshot, in which he looks gloomy and has an uneven haircut, is a far cry from his professional photo for the dating competition show.

According to an insider, Andi has no idea about Marcus' drug past. The insider said that learning that Marcus has a history with drugs will really throw her off because she thinks that he's such a stand-up guy.

Another finalist with a criminal past is Chris Soules, the farmer from Iowa. A complaint filed in 2005 shows that he was booked for drunk driving. OK! Magazine adds that combined with public fighting, Chris' drunk driving resulted in 11 hours in jail and probation for a year. The insider said that Andi, who would have never guessed that Chris would do such things, will be devastated once she learns about Chris' history.

Of course, the fact that Marcus and Chris have been in trouble with the law may not faze Andi, who likely realizes through her old Assistant District Attorney job that even good people makes mistakes sometimes, especially when they're young. Plus, the alleged insider's opinions that Andi will be thrown off and devastated by the news doesn't really hold true if Marcus or Chris doesn't end up being the guy she's with in the end.

The latest episode of "The Bachelorette" will show Andi Dorfman going on hometown dates. Andi has already provided the show's fans with some behind-the-scenes photos from the hometown dates. Besides the families of Marcus Grodd and Chris Soules, she'll be visiting the homes of Nick Viall and Josh Murray. Thankfully for Nick and Josh, there has been nothing criminally unsavory dug up about them - yet.